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Hi All, I was a Porsche enthusiast back in the 80's I had 944 Turbo. then 911 Turbo Briefly (6 months). However back to
modern day May 2019, sum might have thought "Mid Life" crisis lol. But I truly wanted the pleasure of driving Porsche again and in my budget (including running costs ) I purchased May 2019 Cayman S 2017 registered, fully loaded err I think! Miami Blue intending to just show off at weekends, joined Porsche Club GB & Piston Heads looking to make new like minded friends and share local and long rides. I have too much bad feelings towards the dealer I purchased it from but that's another tale of woe still issues unresolved a year later.
Subsequently in the year of owning I have had many reasons to question if I had made the right choice mainly due to Battery Discharge no garage and an awkward outdoor car cover.
But to clarify I do Luv every time I take her out & Yes She is a SHE !! 馃槉. I'm here to learn more, possibly meet fellow enthusiasts and enjoy the odd event or two. Cheers !!

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Welcome to the forum! Just search for topics of interest and roam the different forums here. Too bad about your dealer experience. Hope there is another one nearby, or you have a good independent handy. And yes, lots of smiles per gallon.

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@Baz2104 - Welcome! Sorry to hear about the battery discharge. Now, I've heard tales of this, but haven't experienced it myself. I even contacted a buddy of mine who owned his cayman for years, with periods of sitting and he said he never had any battery issues...... He's a close friend, but even I question it.

Anyways, being a new Porsche owner I obsessed and researched my evenings away looking up dirt and everything you can think of.... My conclusion.... It's just like any car. They all have their quirks. :)

I did come across this guy, and I do like his videos. They may not be Cayman related, but they are Porsche related.

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