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I ordered a new 718 Cayman and took delivery in June 2017. Lava Orange, Graphite blue interior, 6 speed.
i live in Taylorsville, Maryland (outside of Westminster)
i have had a 1999 911 and currently have a 1986 944. 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider, 1964 Morgan Plus 4.
I am a wood worker, and make some stained glass
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That's a beautiful car! Very nice and unusual interior too. That full leather treatment looks great. Good for you for choosing a manual.

How do you like the LCA? Do you even need it with a bright color like Lava Orange ;-)
That is a beautiful car! And I love your other cars. I want to be a woodworker, too! :D Can we see pictures of your collection?
Great looking machine......enjoy. Though, it's very hard with these cars to stay at or below the speed limit.......
Congratulations and welcome! Hi from another Marylander. :)
Congrats on the Spider and i wouldn't say no to a picture of your stable. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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