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New noise on a new car - belt?

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Good day All,

We finally had a day temp wise where I was able to take the car to work and continue with the breaking in period. I'm currently at a lofty 450 miles :)

During my drive home I started to hear what I can only describe as a squeaky belt and as I had the top down, I assume it was the car behind me. They turned off and it was still there. I went through a short tunnel and could really hear it. I'm 100% certain that this wasn't ever there from the start.

Yes, I have warranty and my OPC is expecting me next Friday for a quick look but was curious if anyone else has had this crop up or is this a normal mid-engine thing and/or expected while things are bedding in.

Said noise is RPM dependant, is higher pitch and most pronounced/noticed when driving along a building or tunnel. It's also a bit louder on the passenger side (UK), drivers for ROW.

Engine is a 2.5 GTS ;)

Many thanks,

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