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New owner from MA

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I've been lusting after Porsche's for as long as I can remember and especially the iconic 911. But once the Boxster came onto the scene, I finally felt like it was something I could get my hands on. But I was looking for a non-convertible. Enter the Cayman.

When I came across the 718 Cayman, I was hooked! I've spent the past 6+ months keeping an eye on all the CPOs in my area and finally this past weekend I was able to find and buy a 718 Cayman! I had to travel to NY (about 200 miles away from home) to find it though.

It's a 2018 718 Cayman Base in white. I will be taking possession of it by the end of next week and will post pictures of it at that time.

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Welcome & Congratulations! Enjoy and drive in the best of health.
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