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I live in Franklin, TN. on the opposite side of Franklin to Jim Dillard.
I'm the Rennlist member he is referring to above ^^^

In my case I have the GT4 VS Jim having the Porsche Spyder.
I also have the PDK and he went with the 6-speed manual tranny.

It would take a huge post for me to go over everything I've changed on my GT4 so I'm not going to possibly side-track your Thread.

If you are interested below is the link to my dedicated thread on the GT4.
It contains probably a thousand pictures as well as a lot of videos.
I'll just post the Main Dedicated Link below .................

GT4 in Racing-Yellow ordered 12/29/2020 by Terry aka tigerhonaker

Congratulations on your New Porsche Spyder,
Terry Honaker

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Thanks everyone for some really great advice. I've decided to go full PPF. It goes on this Thursday - takes a week to apply. On top of it they will do a 5-year ceramic product with touchups every year. That should keep it looking spiffy without me having to worry about door dings, rock chips, and paint swirls. Its $$$ but if it means less work and less headaches, I'll make that trade.

I will keep the tires and when worn I'll swap to an all-season tire that suits my driving style and hopefully gets me a longer tread life.

I'll leave the exhaust until after break in. Since I really don't know how it sounds in the high end of the rev range I'll sit tight for now.

Good stuff!


Just as a Heads-Up ..............

I can share with you the following on exhaust changes that actually are the Very-very less expensive and work.

I have and also Jim Dillard has the SOUL OAP.
In my case mine is the NON Resonated race SOUL OAP on the GT4.
Jim Dillard went with the SOUL (Resonated) SOUL OAP since he has the convertible.
I have ridden in his Spyder many times and it sounds GREAT with the TOP up or down.

My GT4 is just completely different than Jim's but it sounds Bad-Ass under POWER !!!
I recently also went with the SOUL (Rear Valved Muffler) assembly and the Cargraphics Valve Controller.

Lastly, for the Cost and IMHO best Solution is to ONLY change to the SOUL (Resonated) OAP.
I think you would really enjoy it.
BTW, Jim's Spyder is a manual my GT4 is with the PDK.

Also, you can enjoy the SOUL (Resonated) OAP while breaking in your Porsche as Jim is also doing.

Porsche 718 GT4 / Spyder / GTS 4.0L SOUL Resonated Over Axle Pipes


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