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Hi guys. Yesterday I completed the swap of my 2014 981 BS to a 2022 718 Spyder. I'm very happy with the move. Between the lines, looks, and performance the 718 is an amazing step up. But this is the first time I've ever owned a car of this caliber/capability and there are a few things that I have questions about. Maybe some of you would be kind enough to give me some advice.

First - the tires. It came with Dunlap Sport Maxx Race 2 tires. I get these are for tracking as its a GT car. But as of now I don't plan to track it and will just drive for pleasure on public roads when the weather is nice. I mostly drive casually - not sporty, not spirited. These Dunlap's are so sticky they pick up everything. Even small rocks will embed in the soft compound. What do I need to do here especially through the break-in period? Is selling the tires and replacing them with a more appropriate road tire something I should consider? There is a small possibility I will track it at some point. In that case should I take these off and store them in my garage and drive with street tires (which ones?), then swap back to the Dunlap's if I ever go to the track? What do others do? How much of a pain is it to swap out tires? Seems arduous to me.

Second - the black paint. It is absolutely gorgeous, but I didn't spec the car and it wouldn't have been my first choice because of the care required. It was at the dealer b/c someone had spec'd it and couldn't afford to complete the purchase when it came in. My gain, but what to do about this paint? At most I will drive it 2000 miles/year. Rarely on the freeway, rarely on crowded streets. I was considering PPF, but given my driving habits, I'm leaning towards frequent touch free car washes (power washer, foam cannon, hand dryer) followed by wax/ceramic coating. It will always be stored in my garage (live in TX) and not exposed to the direct sun. Will this be a good strategy to keep it looking the way it is now?

Third - the exhaust. At low rpms the 981 S sounded 10x better than this 718. I know once I get the 718 into the upper rev range after break-in it should sound better than it does now, but man I miss the sound of the 981 flat 6 especially when casually driving on the public roads with the top down. I was also stoked about the sport exhaust on the 718 but it seems the valves don't open till higher in the rev range, which I can't hit for another 1900 miles. Is there a solution for all of this?

I'll stop with these 3 items. Appreciate your advice/experience/suggestions in advance. View attachment 51641
Congratulations for being in the right place at the right toime to snag a great car.

I agree with @RobertM on driving the current tires until they need to be replaced and then going with the Michelin PS4S. And those are still plenty good for an occasional track day or autocross. I think two sets of wheels is overkill unless you become a track junkie. I also agree on the paint suggestion. I have a 2022 Carmine Red CGTS that, although not as challenging as black, still shows swirl marks and imperfections much more so than my previous white Cayman. I went with "full front" PPF and ceramic coating on the rest, including wheels and glass. Total cost for both was around $5,500, but after 14 months and going on 6,000 miles the car still looks perfect. I gently hand wash and dry it pretty regularly....I am not comfortable with power washing or foam guns, as the high power washer I have for my deck/flagstone has a warning that spraying your foot or other appendages could lead to amputation.

I am a little surprised that you are unhappy with the sound. I went from a 2014 981 Cayman S to the 2022 Caymans GTS 4.0 and it sounds great to me. But my 2014 did not have a sport exhaust. I'd hold off until you get through the break in period, and then see if you are still disappointed once you can give it more rpms.

Congratulations again. Black would not have been my top choice either, but that picture of yours looks outstanding!

P.S. See that you have the LWBS. (y) You may already be aware , but P1 Design in Texas is the go-to supplier of custom replacement cushions in case you want to spiff things up a bit. The memory foam and inflatable lumbar support options make the seats even more comfortable.

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