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Most folks who track cars don't swap the tires. They have an extra set of rims with track tires on them and swap out the whole set. If tracking isn't going to be anything you do you may want to consider more of an all season tire on the car. I would just drive on the current tires until they need replacing. Probably not going to get much if you try to sell the tires.

As far as paint. PPF isn't just for rock chips, its to keep all of those swirl marks off of the car. Given that though, you could just have the ceramic done and every few years get a paint correction done to remove the swirls and another ceramic coat applied. PPF on the whole car isn't cheap. You could however get a partial PPF done or what's often referred to as a Track Pack. It's more PPF than a partial but still not the whole car. It covers all of the highest probability chip locations.

As far as the exhaust. There seem to be a lot of options for improving the sound but the bottom line is that this is an engine that sounds best in the higher rev zone and that's where it sounds best.
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