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Hi guys. Yesterday I completed the swap of my 2014 981 BS to a 2022 718 Spyder. I'm very happy with the move. Between the lines, looks, and performance the 718 is an amazing step up. But this is the first time I've ever owned a car of this caliber/capability and there are a few things that I have questions about. Maybe some of you would be kind enough to give me some advice.

First - the tires. It came with Dunlap Sport Maxx Race 2 tires. I get these are for tracking as its a GT car. But as of now I don't plan to track it and will just drive for pleasure on public roads when the weather is nice. I mostly drive casually - not sporty, not spirited. These Dunlap's are so sticky they pick up everything. Even small rocks will embed in the soft compound. What do I need to do here especially through the break-in period? Is selling the tires and replacing them with a more appropriate road tire something I should consider? There is a small possibility I will track it at some point. In that case should I take these off and store them in my garage and drive with street tires (which ones?), then swap back to the Dunlap's if I ever go to the track? What do others do? How much of a pain is it to swap out tires? Seems arduous to me.

Second - the black paint. It is absolutely gorgeous, but I didn't spec the car and it wouldn't have been my first choice because of the care required. It was at the dealer b/c someone had spec'd it and couldn't afford to complete the purchase when it came in. My gain, but what to do about this paint? At most I will drive it 2000 miles/year. Rarely on the freeway, rarely on crowded streets. I was considering PPF, but given my driving habits, I'm leaning towards frequent touch free car washes (power washer, foam cannon, hand dryer) followed by wax/ceramic coating. It will always be stored in my garage (live in TX) and not exposed to the direct sun. Will this be a good strategy to keep it looking the way it is now?

Third - the exhaust. At low rpms the 981 S sounded 10x better than this 718. I know once I get the 718 into the upper rev range after break-in it should sound better than it does now, but man I miss the sound of the 981 flat 6 especially when casually driving on the public roads with the top down. I was also stoked about the sport exhaust on the 718 but it seems the valves don't open till higher in the rev range, which I can't hit for another 1900 miles. Is there a solution for all of this?

I'll stop with these 3 items. Appreciate your advice/experience/suggestions in advance. View attachment 51641
Beautiful ride! My 718 is jet black metallic which is a bit more forgiving than gloss black. I have PPF on the hood, front bumper and side mirrors. I currently don't have garage space at home (until I kick the trailer outta there) but it's covered during the week when I'm at the office. Over the past few years I went down the rabbit hole of car washing and have adopted a system that I really like:

Equipment you'll need:
  1. Pressure washer with multiple tips - don't need anything crazy here, in fact avoid high PSI washers that could damage the paint.
  2. Foam cannon - easily found on Amazon for ~$20. Get the one with the metal coupling on the bottle, otherwise it strips.
  3. 3 buckets - one for wheels, one for soapy water, one for clean water.
  4. "Grit guards" for bottom of the soap/clean water buckets.
  5. Multiple microfiber wash mitts (I got the blue ones at Walmart).
  6. 40 pack of quality microfiber cloths (the standard 1'x1'ish size, yellow and found at Walmart).
  7. At least 2 quality drying towels (I use Adams and some microfiber ones I found at Walmart).
  8. Wheel brush (large - for the front of the wheel).
  9. Wheel wooly (medium - the kind that can poke in between the spots on your wheel).
  10. Tire brush (stiffer, handheld)
Products you'll need:
  1. Car shampoo - lately I've been preferring Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash
  2. Wheel cleaner - make sure you choose something that's compatible with your OEM wheel finish
  3. Spray detailer - I've tried a few and am using Adam's graphene detailer as well as their standard detailer too.
  4. Tire dressing - I like Adam's graphene tire dressing product right now. Goes on quickly and easily without flinging product all over. You'll want to pick up some foam applicators for the tires to apply the product. Makes life much easier.
Optional products you may want:
  1. Graphene/Ceramic coating - I just used Adam's Advanced Graphene Ceramic spray coating and am very happy with it. If you prepare the vehicle well and apply carefully it does a great job in terms of shine and protection. Works on all surfaces (paint, plastic, glass).
  2. Polish or compound for paint correction - your car is new and you're probably not going to need this yet.
  3. Iron Remover - you'll want to use this on the car before you do any coating or sealant (like graphene/ceramic).
  4. Clay bar - yet one more stage of decontaminating your paint before applying coating. Not as critical if your paint is still new and uncontaminated.
  1. Wash your car in the shade and avoid hot days or direct sunlight.
  2. Fill buckets with water and add some soap to the one of the two paint wash buckets and to the wheel wash bucket.
  3. Spray down car with pressure washer.
  4. Fill foam cannon with 1 to 5 mixure of soap to water.
  5. Cover car in soapy foam and let it sit for a minute or so.
  6. Dip your microfiber wash mitt and get it fully saturated with soapy water, wipe down the car using very little to no pressure and going in horizontal directions lengthwise (to avoid creating swirls). Start at the top of the car and work your way down, doing the bottom (all the way around) at the end. This reduces scratching by accidentally pulling road debris into your mitt and sliding it all over the top part the car.
  7. After a section, wring out the mitt and rinse it in the rinse bucket then dip back in the soapy bucket and continue.
  8. Move quickly through those steps and avoid letting soap dry on the paint!
  9. Thoroughly rinse off with pressure washer.
  10. BONUS If you have a leaf blower, use it to blow off excess water!
  11. Using your drying towels grab two corners and drag it across large sections of the car, starting at the top and working downward.
  12. Drive it like you stole it!
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