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New Porsche Family legacy begins in NY

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Since my youth as a fat little snot nosed kid, I recall my dad dreaming about getting a Porsche. Well right around retirement a few months ago, he made his dream come true, picked up a spanking new Macan S, which was perfect for him as an older gent.

In the past I’d been a fan of BMW, having owned an E90 and an F30, and was thinking about an M2 up until I saw how much finer and more special this brand is. Anyway now my eyes are set on a 718. Looking to get into the base model with a few options just to keep it raw and basic as I want this to be my last hurrah into cars before they all become electric razors.

I managed to run a test drive this past Monday, and now I am smitten. Despite other people’s complaints about sound, I have no qualms, I think it has its own character and the tone becomes something special after around 5K.

I am also a die hard manual trans person, I know PDK is excellent and faster than I will ever be, but the 6 speed I tested leaves me satisfied in a way that makes people look at me funny, and a huge plus that Porsche lets me match my own gears as long as I skip Sport Chrono (I appreciate this over the M2 and BMW’s tyrannical programming).

Anywho I look forward to learning much here and hopefully impart some of my stupidity at some point soon.
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Your description is well said and agrees with most peoples descriptions of the 718! The PDK is spectacularly quick, but nothing beats the sheer fun and sports car feel of the 6MT. The 718 is a better driving experience than most other sports cars on the road, IMHO. My Night Blue Metallic 6MT is on order and is scheduled to arrive 5/11. Welcome to the club.
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