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New purchase or lease questions

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My wife and I are looking to buy a fun third car. I have looked at several cars and the 718 family blew everything away. I am going to the dealer tomorrow and if everything works out right, I'll buy or order one. Before I do, I want to make sure I get a good deal and don't make any build mistakes.

So, if you bought a new one:
- How much did you get off the sticker price? I am reading people get 7-8% but up to 10%. Is that typical?
- If you leased it, what was the mileage, term length and residual value?
- Are there any "must have" options that severely reduce the fun of the vehicle if you don't get it?
- Are there any worries about maintenance items on this version? Everything I read is that its a very reliable car but it never hurts to ask.

Thank you in advance.
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I got mine as a daily driver so my priority was connection with the road, not lap times. I ordered a base Cayman and eschewed all of the electronics that help the car lap the Nurburgring as quickly as possible. I didn't get PASM, PTV or Sport Chrono. And, most importantly, I didn't get PDK. Also, I like my neighbors, so I didn't get the extra-loud exhaust. I really liked the looks of the 20" wheels, but when I test drove a base Cayman with the 20" wheels on rough roads, the ride was pretty jarring. The 19" wheels rode better, but I decided to stick with the 18" wheels and upgrade on my own, if I want to. Oh, and I got the extended range fuel tank, as 14 gallons of gas is just too little to have as a daily driver. The one option that I didn't get that I wish I had was Lane Change Assistant. That was an oversight on my part. I have it on my current car (Audi A5) and it is a nice feature to have.

Dealers in the Los Angeles area are dealing. According to my contact, Porsche anticipates a glut of 718s in 2018 as demand has not met supply, so they are trying to move product. That being said, even though I ordered mine (delivery 12/17), I got just under 9% off sticker.
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