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New to forum

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Hey Gang

My first post so I thought I'd say hi.

Been checking out the forum for a few weeks - I'm thinking 718 may be my next car and I'll park it next to my 85 911 Targa.

Looking forward to good chats and info on the new 4 pot turbos!
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Hey, welcome to the forums ! What colour do you think you'll be going with ??
Thanks Lurker

Everytime I configure I end up with Graphite Blue over Graphite Blue leather. GT steering wheel and not a whole lot else.
Ahh nice, that'll look real good. Will you be using this as a daily ?
Hey Lurker - I'd use it as a daily as long as no salt on the roads -- just like I use my 911 now.

That said - this may shed some light on where I'll end up

Definitely a great read, and a very well written piece. Thank you very much for that as it was extremely helpful ! :)
Welcome to the forums ! Would love to see that Targa of yours ! Have any pictures ??
Thanks Shark and Justin

Justin here are some shots of my 85 targa -- she's got 75,000 miles, I'm 3rd owner and she's 100% original except for wearables. I have every receipt going back to window sticker!
That said, I've done the usual reversible mods -- chip, exhaust, console delete for better heel/toe, speakers and radio stored, sparco seat torsions/turbo tie rod ends etc -- but nothing a day wouldn't put back to stock.
And she is perfectly maintained but has the odd stone chip, coffee stain in the carpet, and sunscreen smudges on the door ledges -- cause I've already driven her 25,000 of those 75,000 in under 2 years. Track days and coast to coast drives -- including one 2,000km stint with only coffee, gas, and pee breaks.
I bought her to drive her and, unlike my earlier porsches, I kept as much back as she cost so she'd never go without timely maintenance.


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