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New to Porsche

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Hi, I was tempted to buy a Boxter the last time I bought a new car, and kicked myself for not doing so. This time I made the right decision and I’m really enjoying it so far two weeks on.


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Congratulations you have chosen wisely! Is that color (colour) Chalk (Crayon)?
Thanks for the welcome everyone.
Yes, it’s Crayon. People keep asking me when I’m going to have the top coat applied.
Actually we went by our local Porsche dealership and there was a 2017 Crayon 911 and my wife was very taken by it. Actually, it’s a very interesting colour, and some would say sophisticated colour (my wife’s words). Enjoy!
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...hmmm...color looks familiar...could it be a 1977 Ford Thunderbird? You bet! I drove one just like this in High School and all through college. It was called "Dove grey" back then. Mine had a matching interior, turbo wheels, deleted vinyl top and a 351 Cleveland V8. Liked it on my T Bird back in the day....
Everything Old is New Again..........:laugh:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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