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New to the 718 world

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Hi everyone! Just purchased a 2019 718 boxster gts. Only 100 miles on the clock, but am absolutely loving the car. I was looking for a 2016 GT4 when a friend suggested I drive the new 718. Loved it, so here I am. :)

Looking forward to learning as much about the car as possible and sharing experiences with the forum members.

Initial mods: Installed a full front wrap over the entire front end, purchased a tow hook front license plate holder, and purchased a set of Zunsport front fender radiator screens (To be installed this weekend).


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Nice choice.....really like the color. You will enjoy the Zunsport screens. I have had them on several previous Caymans (including current) and will be putting them on my 2019 when it comes in, November. It should take you all of 15-20 minutes to fully install, at most.
I have run Zunsports on my Cayman R, 2014 Cayman, current 2016 Cayman............several years and thousands of miles including a few laps at Sebring. Never had a single issue with the Zunsports. I now have them on the side intakes on the 2016 and ran those at Sebring too. No issues.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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