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Hi all,
I'm new to the forum but not to Porsche.
Just bought my second 718, A lava orange S with PDK and 20" Carrera Sport wheels
I have had other older Porsche cars from an 86 911 turbo look in guards red, A 1988 951 Turbo with over 400rwhp that I brought back from the dead to a
914/916 conversion car that was a money pit form ****.

This one is my favorite so far .
My 17 Cayman had more options but loosing a few little things to get an S is well worth it.
I'll have to add the Nav module to the S before the wife figures out it isn't there but its not a big deal to add .
I was so thrilled with the car that I didn't even notice it wasnt there plus I thought our guy that orders the dealer I work for ordered them all with Nav.
At least the higher end cars that is, I can understand a base Macan 2.0l trying to hit that all important price point.

Anyway, if anyone has questions about their cars just ask.
Not a great picture of the car but it has rained for almost a week straight here.
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Pic of the new car, Hid it in the shop so no one bought it before I could talk the wife into it.


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Welcome to the Forum! Beautiful car... Those are the best looking wheels you can option on the 718, at least in my opinion...
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