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New X-pipe/tips option for 718

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For those of us who have no urge, for whatever reason, to install an aftermarket exhaust ... and those of us who are not happy with how the OEM tips are wearing cosmetically (I'm in that camp, and have been since before 1K miles):

This assembly from Soul, a relatively new player in the exhaust game. Comes with a variety of tip options that range from straight/slash cuts to matte/gloss finishes.

This is in addition to this similar offering from Fabspeed, which is (unfortunately) not available in black metal. (Cue extreme Scandinavian band jokes, hehe.)

I'm about 80 percent sure i'll be ordering the Soul unit in the next month. Will keep the forum posted.
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Was considering Soul but saw this video and I’ve hit the brakes. Not sure if this is really an issue

Fabspeed X-Pipe

But if I’m going to make a change I don’t want there to be a regression in flow. Thoughts?
Hey thank you for considering us, but it's unfortunate that video exists as it's full of false information and made up numbers.

I can guarantee you no flow data exists which can substantiate said misleading claim. It's like a power claim with no dyno chart for verification. If cross talk of exhaust gases caused a power loss in this manner, someone should report this to Porsche immediately given the design of their tip section!

A cast X-pipe allows for a smooth transition into and out of the X section. The casting of the interior is also smooth, without any protrusions from welds. A proper back purged weld with full penetration will most likely have some material on the backside in the X. I've attached a picture of a non-cast design which shows a common scenario of failure due to stresses and possibly lack of proper welding techniques. We've made a very conscious decision to offer the most durable X solution possible with our customers in mind. We've also been using these X-sections with great success on our full line of Boxster / Cayman exhaust systems which are proven to perform, and warrantied to do so on the track for LIFE.

To be realistic, the effects of any x-pipe would be small to where the any power gains or losses would not be felt. You can expect a smoother exhaust note and as you may have seen we have a wealth of tip options with customization available to have your tips built exactly how you see fit. I'd be happy to take care of you with forum pricing and make you believer.

As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns - we're always here to help.

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Before you come to any conclusions, know this:
  • Soul was founded by ex-Fabspeed employees. (I'll let you imagine why.)
  • The video you're referencing is from Fabspeed, which is trying to sell you stuff. Take anything said on it with a grain of salt.
  • Backpressure is far more of an issue before and within muffler assemblies than after muffler assemblies. Unless the I.D. of an exhaust tip assembly is drastically smaller than the I.D. of what enters the muffler, any perceived or measured reduction in flow will be minimal. (Exhibit A: the VW Beetle, which had very narrow post-muffler tips and significantly larger exhaust piping. Aftermarket tips were popular because they almost always had no effect on exhaust flow.)
  • The 718's stock exhaust is an unequal-length design. Flow anomalies are already managed correctly well before the X-pipe assembly -- which, like the OEM tip assembly, is of equal lengths. That should tell you something.
  • If you're really concerned, the fact that an X-pipe design adds a light amount of power -- basically imperceptible, really -- should squash any concerns.
  • Full aftermarket exhausts almost always don't employ an X-pipe. The reason why is because the pre-muffler piping is frequently larger and flows significantly better. An X-pipe could be a hindrance unless it was designed specifically for the aftermarket exhaust.
Thank you as always for the support and information!

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Thanks, Mike & Mike
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