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Newbie First Questions

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Hi People, first post apart from my introduction.

Does my MY2019 Cayman come with any form of breakdown cover/recovery? My dealer never mentioned it and I never thought to ask :( I can obviously give them a call but I thought I would ask, if it does, have you had a need to use it, is it any good, would you trust it? I had a new Land Rover which failed to start one morning and called their standard support line for new cars and within 1 hour a chap turned up in a marked up Discovery all knitted out with test equipment and tools. The Discovery and kit was immaculate, as was the chap who was very professional and went to great lengths to protect the vehicle etc when working on it. Got it going in 20 mins. I was well impressed (with the service NOT with the vehicle). At the other end of the scale I have called the other manufacturer support and had one of the local hacks turn up, covered in oil and not got a clue, expecting to climb into my vehicle. Which end is the Porsche support closest to?

Also in the glovebox I have found two grey plastic tags in clear plastic cases. Similar to the tags shops attach to high value goods. What are they for? Are they something to do with a tracker or for the PCM?
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