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Newbie from the UK

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Hi everyone,

I’m John from the Peak District in Derbyshire. I currently own a 2.7 981 black edition manual but looking to trade up to a 718 PDK Boxster in the not to distant future. I look forward to being a member on here and bothering you with all sorts of questions...:D The E89 username is from the Z4 forum where I had a new 35is and it’s sort of stuck, I probably wouldn’t recognise any other name now....:rolleyes:

Thanks and here’s to some quality motoring.


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Welcome John! We have quite a few active, knowledgeable folks from the UK that I am sure will be chiming in soon. Keep us posted on your 718 quest, though, seems like you're a drop top man at heart......;)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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