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Next-Gen Boxster/Cayman to Be Renamed Porsche 718

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New Generation or Facelift

does anybody knows which Generation the new Porsche 718 Boxster is?
Is it the 4. Generation?
Is it the 1. Generation?
Or ist it still the same Genaration (3.) and we have just an facelift?

I believe it's still classified as Generation 3 with a facelift
This is the third gen. I think most people remember that since the first wasn't all that impressive, second was when Porsche really kicked things up a notch and now we're here...with boxster engines
Perfect, thank you for that clarification. The first gen was definitely pretty weak. Didn't capture attention at all which is why people blew it off and eventually forgot it even existed.
On the plus side now they are great platforms to mod since they are cheap enough on the market and mods are out there in great numbers. The second gen doesn't have that low of a cost to entry.
With the amount of money you'll spend to make them good, you may as well buy a second gen
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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