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Non N Rated tyres, warranty issues?

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Just curious more than anything.

Havent seen certain tyres id consider for replacing current ones (like Michelin PS4's) getting an N rating just yet, if i did change to those does it cause issues with warranty does anyone know? google seems to have a mixture of opinions.
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I'm want to install Michelin 4S on my 718 Base but I'm concerned about them potentially avoiding manufacturer's warranty and CPO warranty since they arent n spec.
What size wheels? At least in the 20" version they do make N spec PS4S tires.

Also, using a non-N spec tire will not void your warranty.
Hey thanks for the reply. I have 18 inch wheels. I agree it shouldn't void any warranty I just dont want to give them any reason to.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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