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Not all 718s are created equal

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I just switched from a 2017 Cayman S PDK to another 2017 Cayman S, but with a manual transmission. The new vehicle to me has about 15k miles versus only 6k in the PDK. I'm noticing the new vehicle has zero rattles, the Apple Carplay starts up immediately after connecting my phone, the security/locking system works properly every time, and the engine just sounds like it runs better - no valve tapping-type noises. Exactly the opposite of what I experienced with the PDK version. Behind the manual transmission, which is absolutely fantastic, this particular vehicle is just simply better and I couldn't be more pleased. Anyone else experience something similar?

Manual Lava Orange - PDK Carmine Red. Had them both briefly...


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Had a brand new 2.0 manual on loan for a week back in 2017 while my then 5 month old 4000 mile 2.0 PDK was having a scuffed wheel repaired.

Only differences in spec was the loaner didn’t have PASM and was on 20” Carrera S alloys, my car had PASM and 20” Carrera Sports. Felt totally different. Much lighter steering, far more eager to turn in, engine revved more freely, whole car felt 200kg lighter than mine.

Never did work out why.
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