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OAPs changed my entire experience

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I got the Flat6 OAPs on today and I'm basically driving a brand new car again.

In 1st, 5th-7th, the difference is quite subtle all through the power band but the pops and bangs of the NA engine are finally making it out and into my eardrums.

In 3rd and 4th, above 3500rpm - holy **** its like a Dolby Atmos Surround Sound 3D Spatial Audio experience kicks on at volume 11 out of 10.

I cannot recommend OAPs enough to any 718 owner especially 4.0 owners. Do this before you do any exhaust or headers and re-evaluate. You may end up loving it and saving yourself quite a bit of money.
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You Know It...Once You Experience It

Especially PSE is on...give it throttle and the full Sturm und Drang gets going - I'm still in 4K detention (engine run-in) so I have yet to experience the upper end yet

the Flat 6 OAPs went on the first week after I got the CGTS

Between the flat 6 whirr when driving 'normally', the baritone exhaust note and the WOT sounds. And it sounds way better even in cylinder deactivation mode as well

Center - OEM OAPs w/ GPF
Outer - OAP pipes that delete the GPF ["sound choker"]
View attachment 54037

the new OAPs installed
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Hal, what did this modification cost you? Did you install yourself?

I've never done any significant modifications to any of my Porsches - the short shifter in my CGTS being the most - but since everyone is enthusiastically recommending the Flat6 OAP's maybe I should consider it.
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