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OEM vs Generic Filters

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My 2-year service is coming up and some of the (easy) maintenance I can do myself. Anyone have any feedback on Porsche OEM filters versus generic filters (i.e. MANN)?

Engine oil filter
Cabin filter
Air filter

Looking at prices online, there's definitely cost savings by not going with Porsche OEM. Just wondering if anyone has compared the quality and whether it's worth saving a few dollars on such an expensive car...
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I opted for KN oiled filter since I have had good results on KN pod filters on my motorcycle. So far on the Cayman, I have cleaned it one time at about 5K miles and all is well.

I do follow KN instructions on cleaning and not over oiling before putting it back in.

Also, the process of getting to the thing gets easier, and I get to wipe down the engine which makes me feel better.
I do like having a clean engine bay.
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