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Oil leak, new to me 718S

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As some may remember from my intro post I picked up my 718S this week, as I always do with a new to me car is jack it up and look under neath, that’s when I spotted oil on side the large pan that covers the sump area, so removed it and then noticed a lot more oil, pictures below, any ideas it’s on passengers side (oz car so drivers side on USA model). Is in the far left corner from rear of car. Thoughts? cheers Darren

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For the standard oil changes it seems that it can be difficult to get ALL the oil in the drain pan—so says my dealer. But the views under may car don't have anything like that.
I'd be taking mine to my dealer if I saw that as it's still under warranty—and here in Aus we have strong consumer protection legislation (even if it's sometimes hard to get it enforced on the big companies).
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I’d guess so, they were visually inspecting an oil leak on a hoist, when they found a small leak from water pump, apparently it’s a small known issue in early 718 models.
2017 base Boxster here--They found the water pump leak on my car and replaced the sealing gasket--all under warranty of course.
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