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Open and close Boxster top from key?

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Is it possible to open the top with just the key?
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I recently installed a SmartTop module (same one @AviBen linked to). I can now via the remote have the top lowered, windows lowered, and fully down before I reach my car. Same for closing everything up when I exit my car. Even better is the one touch/tap top operation. No more having to hold the open or close button while the top is moving.
This is a great option for USA folks who don't have the extended remote functions on our cars that our friends across the various ponds do.

The installation instructions on the SmartTop module are very good, you just need to take your time and IMHO triple check everything. Took me about an hour moving real slow validating everything (and umm, disassembling the Continental electronics module for the top because I was curious...). FWIW, while you're installing the SmartTop module, it's a great time to fully remove the soundaktor too. ~2lbs weight savings diet, so yes, I can have that burrito today and still have the same performance as yesterday. :D
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