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Options advice

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I've specced a 718 Boxster GTS as follows: -


Looking for any advice on what to add/take off. All opinions welcome.

I'm not fixed on the colour and could easily choose Miami Blue or Carmine Red.

Thanks in advance,

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Second this and if you do any kind of extended unlit driving I would get them every time and would be near the top of my option list; with a GTS the signature LED light cluster would complete the look on the top end car together with the superb performance, which is comparable to Audi Matrix technology.

Many items similar to our spec I would recomend you try the base sound vs BOSE the engine tends to win the internal cabin sound so we opted for the competent standard system.

We opted for only rear park as the front was annoying and we tended to use the audible rather than visuals of the camera.

PKS67M76 - this is our spec for interest, for us we chose LED & Auto climate instead of above,

We have had Bose in our last 3 Audis and they were fine, nothing special not sure I would pay the premium again; I have a pretty decenty HiFi setup and also like quality, but we had a Boxter with Bose and one with standard and engine noise aside I really could not see where the £800+ went and that was with the engine off, we don’t regret the choice.
My wife wanted the dual climate and I wanted to save the cash, it’s not the dual function that is a waste of time, its the auto climate control you want as it’s a pain constantly messing with the settings to maintain temp, particualrly when warm outside, so I had to concede in the end, despite the high cost - again we had a car with and without so had first hand comparison.
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