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Park Assist not working

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Hi, the Park Assist on my 718 is not working. I get Park Assist warning on the dash and am unable to access the screen on the PCM. The overhead on/off button flashes red all the time including after pressing it. I’ve checked the sensor, polished them and there is nothing ‘getting in the way’ or loose. I read about metal number plates potentially being a problem, mine are plastic. Any ideas for what to try next? Thanks
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Hi, it worked perfectly well, prior to this morning. The car had been washed since I last drove it. A high pressure gun had been used but this is how it is usually done. There is no sign of damage to any of the sensors.
Hi, it was washed 4 days ago and whilst is is wet here in the U.K., I suspect it will have dried out properly over that time. The car has all round sensors so I can’t tell if it is front or rear.
Hi, a quick update! I saw a YouTube video suggesting polishing the sensors with Silicon spray - I've tried this but it hasn't worked. I've also rebooted the PCM (holding the volume button down for 20 seconds - this hasn't worked either. It may just be a fuse - unhelpfully, the manual does not highlight which fuse is for the Park Assist - does anyone know? Thanks
The silencing button works fine - I've also found the fuse its under PDC (Parking Distance Control) D4 on the drivers side. The fuse is fine so that simple fix is not it unfortunately. I guess its the dealer next...
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Hi all, thanks for your help. I thought I’d update now it has been fixed.
The root of the problem was blocked (or possibly frozen) drains in the hood mechanism. This caused water to get into the cabin and interfere with the PDC unit (under the passenger seat). The dealer stripped the interior, dried it out and replaced the PDC and the Rear Cluster controller at a cost of c£1400! To be fair it is as good as new but an expensive fix. Top tip, keep your drains clear and be careful when the car is washed on cold winter days.
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