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PASS AIR BAG OFF indicator is on when nobody is sitting passenger seat - Is this normal?

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I noticed passenger air bag off indicator is on when nobody is sitting in the passenger seat. Mine is US model. Is this normal?

Here is my research.
1. Passenger air bag on/off feature is different in different country.
2. In United States model, on/off can be automatically detected according to the weight of passenger.
3. In Japan model, on/off can be manually configured by emergency key at the passenger box. It's a user responsibility.
4. In Taiwan model, child sitting in front seat is not allowed by law. Passenger air bag is always on.

Mine is United States model. I confirmed indicator is turned off (passenger air bag is enabled) when I sit in the passenger seat, and indicator turn on when I get out from passenger seat (nobody is sitting in the passenger seat). I don't know if this is correct behavior or not. I feel indicator is a little annoying... US model people, what about yours?

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Passenger airbag off light "on" means the car has registered that noone is sitting in the seat and the airbag won't deploy in an accident. Worry if it's on but someone IS sitting there.
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