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From some threads, some members here recommended this update to the car so passengers can watch videos on a long road trip.

Since this says it’s for PCM 4.0 then how do we check to make sure our PCM is that version?

My model year is 2017, ordered it 11/16/16 and received it in February 2017.

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To be a bit more precise:

PCM 4 was introduced in the Macan during the 2016 model year. The 718 was the second Porsche model to receive it for the model's launch as a 2017 model. All 718s to date have PCM 4.

The architecture of PCM 4 was first used in an Audi MMI update for the 2016 model year. IIRC, the A7/S7 was the first car to get it.
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