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PDK, Manual, and Allocation/Availability

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I ordered a manual transmission Cayman back in May, and the order just got picked up because of limited allocation, and will get the 2019 model in February. Overall a nine months wait.

One thing I realized as I kept on checking for availability of 2018 Cayman is that there are so few manual transmission cars available here in US.

My questions is why doesn't Porsche make more manual transmission cars? I have heard that "no one wants manual transmission anymore" argument. But I, and presumable some others, would have gladly taken a 2018 manual transmission car if it had been available. There seems to be a mismatch of PDK cars sitting in Porsche dealer lots when quite a few of us are waiting for that manual car to pop up. What gives?
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My dealer also mentioned MT customers are usually more specific on what they want n options. So to the dealer, it makes little to no sense to order a dealer car in MT, since even MT buyers maybe not want the specific car.
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