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pdk stuck in manual

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yesterday driving in manual mode
park in garage lever wont move over
what a mess

car wont fully shut off cant get into reverse and stuck in 1st gear

three tow trucks declined moving it (would have to drag out of garage and up onto flat bed
no one had dollies

4th guy with wheel dollies reaches under rear of car finds trans shift lever and prods it forward
lever moves and car is drivable again

little info on this on line found one case posted on renline

ill update when dealership gets it sorted out

at least you guys will know what to do if you get stranded with this issue

the manual lever release under the console doesnt do squat with this issue by the way

I cant find anything on cable adjustment on line was tempted to try and fix it myself

but...under warranty taking it in tomorrow
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Okay, wriggly, and in this picture - please confirm:

top is up
right is forward
left is rearward
bottom is down

Would that be correct?
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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