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PDLS Headlight Left to Right Conversion

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Folks, This is a Q that has been raised on Porsche Club GB but wanted to see the consensus to a wider population regarding changing PDLS headlights over for European driving.

Can I ask those that have PDLS Bi-Xenon, do you have the option in the MFD to swap over for European Continental driving? This should be in the MFD under Settings- Lights & Display- Exterior Lights. There may be an option for L/R. It does say in the manual that the option should be there but a couple on PCGB with PDLS don't have it yet one with PDLS+ does. I do remember I had it on my 2020 Base with PDLS.

I have a 2022 GTS with PDLS and do not have the L/R conversion option.

Please post your year, PDSL or + and if you have the function.

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I have PDLS (black xenon) on a 23MY GTS. I do not have the L/R conversion option. One complication is that since the elimination of LED PDLS+ owing to the camera shortage, both xenon and LED options are now referred to as PDLS. Is the issue that only LED lights have the conversion option?
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It's looking that way. Maybe as they are a little brighter they need to be switched over??

I've added PDLS Bi-Xenon to the original post.
I think it may be because the LEDs have multiple light sources which can be individually turned on or off. This would facilitate the auto high / dipped beam of PDLS+ and the LH / RH drive conversion. The PDLS xenons are single light sources which can only be ‘steered’.
The LED light in 718 is not a LED matrix, but a simple one.

Xenon can be set to symmetric/asymmetric as it has a small movable metal screen inside the unit, right behind the lens.
Maybe it's not there in the UK version.
Which seems a bit odd as it’s surely more likely to need to change to a ‘LHD’ configuration given the number of territories where a UK driver might end up? 🤷‍♂️
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My MY2023 Cayman (also German spec) has PDLS b--xenon AND the left/right orientation function.
It’s all very mysterious…..

Could you confirm where the function is located in the menu? Maybe with a screenshot?Thanks.
menu, lighting, exterior lights as per my pic - hope this assists.
Thanks, but I specifically mean Viv as he has a 23 MY like PEC and me. Weird that he has it but we don’t 🤷‍♂️
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Vehicle - Settings - Light & Visibility - Exterior Lights - L/R Driving.
Thanks. I feel a question to Porsche directly is required……
Even more interesting.
What is the exact manufacturing date ? Is it the black DPLS Xenon?
Mine was manufactured end of September 2022. Your light then has to be asymmetric. I will check mine today.
This is what I have in the menu View attachment 54220
My menu looks exactly the same (Mid October 22 build). GTS with black PDLS headlights……..🤷‍♂️
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Same. March '22 build with black PDLS. The only thing I can think of is the black interior trim has something to do with it but no idea why??

My '20 Base with PDLS didn't have the black option and had the conversion in the MFD.
Who knows?

Seems weird when ‘standard’ PDLS bi- Xenons are a £615 upgrade but the black (on non GTS versions) are £1002!!

I know it’s Porsche but that’s a big leap for only a colour change.

Calling Viv - are your bi- Xenons blacked out or chrome trimmed? Thanks!
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