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PDLS Headlight Left to Right Conversion

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Folks, This is a Q that has been raised on Porsche Club GB but wanted to see the consensus to a wider population regarding changing PDLS headlights over for European driving.

Can I ask those that have PDLS Bi-Xenon, do you have the option in the MFD to swap over for European Continental driving? This should be in the MFD under Settings- Lights & Display- Exterior Lights. There may be an option for L/R. It does say in the manual that the option should be there but a couple on PCGB with PDLS don't have it yet one with PDLS+ does. I do remember I had it on my 2020 Base with PDLS.

I have a 2022 GTS with PDLS and do not have the L/R conversion option.

Please post your year, PDSL or + and if you have the function.

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1 - 1 of 38 Posts