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PEC Delivery 2019 Cayman S in Chalk / Crayon

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A couple days ago we picked our new Cayman S in Chalk with an Agate Grey interior with a six speed manual transmission at the Atlanta PEC. Truly a unique Delivery Program when acquiring a special ordered Porsche. We were the 814th Porsche delivered in Atlanta under this Program.

My son was really thrilled to enjoy the 90 minute Track Session in a similar Cayman model. We had an excellent tour of the PCNA Headquarter facility and of the two level Museum displays.

After Track session we had an outstanding complementary lunch at the 356 Restaurant that overlooks the driving course.

We had a great road trip back home putting around 750 break in miles on the new ride. We averaged 24.9 MPG on the trip.

A really memorable way to take delivery and get to experience your new Porsche.


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Congrats! What a great way to pick up your new Cayman!
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