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It's a couple of days late, but I've finally got some pics ready to share from my 6,700-mile, 13-day road trip, based roughly on places I lived as a child. See this thread for the itinerary, which I largely stuck to with a couple of weather- and time-related exceptions.

I'll start with the image of the trip: a rare 'fog dome' taken close to the north end of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, VA. About 80 percent of my drive on this famed road was shrouded in fog that limited visibility to 100 feet at times. This was one of the few vista shots I was able to capture:

The next shot ended up being the best 'artsy' shot ... taken just north of Sunderland, MA on NH/MA 63, which runs along the Connecticut River:

(The rest of the images are in chronological order)

In front of my high-school alma mater, Bellevue East, in Bellevue, NE. I hadn't been back since 1989 (graduated in 1988):

An early-morning shot next to the Mississippi River in La Crescent, MN, just across the river from La Crosse, WI:

A shot near on WI 33 near Ontario in Wisconsin Amish country:

The Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, with the Mackinaw Bridge in the distance, at the 'Tip of the Mitt': Mackinaw City, MI:

One of the best twisty roads I drove on the trip: on OH 646 about 20 miles west of the tip of West Virginia:

Early-evening fog, rolling in with a front at Watkins Glen International Raceway, NY. (Yes, fog was a theme on the trip, as was rain in places). Incidentally, a German-car event was happening that week, so there were Porsches and BMWs everywhere, both driven and on trailers:

State Street, Rouses Point, NY, which is where I lived at ages 1.8-3.1 (not sure which specific house). It's about 2,000 feet from the Canadian border on the shores of Lake Champlain:

Along NH 112, the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire:

Otter Cove, Acadia National Park in Maine (It was 41 degrees and rainy; not the best day to visit. But the park wasn't busy, at least!):

Somewhere in the Catskills, NY:

Dripping rock, also somewhere in the Catskills, NY:

Another shot of the cloudiness on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia:

And finally ... a shot along US 58 near Hiltons in the western tip of Virginia - a prelude to the best set of twisty roads I drove on the trip: KY 74/TN 90 west of Middlesboro and Cumberland Gap National Park:

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Great pics, Mike! Thanks for posting them.

I know why the car is clean. It was raining most of the time.

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Actually, I wash it during a trip - either at a touchless facility (lots of those up north) or at a self-service pressure-wash location. The rules:
- Every other day if it doesn't rain
- The next day if it rains and there's little to no rain forecast for the next day
I research good facilities on Google and Yelp in whatever city/town I'm staying in that evening. I think I washed the car four times during the trip.

I also have the car waxed both before and after a trip. The dude I use uses Maguire's products.

I also bring the following 'tools':
- Two microfiber terry drying cloths
- 6-8 microfiber polishing/cleaning cloths
- Armor All cleaning wipes (GENIUS for the wheels, which never get clean otherwise even in a car wash, and for removing bugs)
- $20-$30 in quarters (not always needed, but critical if it is)

Incidentally, the car was filthy both times I met up with 718Forumers on the trip. That's the way things go sometimes ... but honestly, the filth (I called Alli my 'dirty b*tch' when she's that way, hehe) was more badge of honor than anything. A car should be less than perfect when you're thousands of miles into a journey, you know?

Thanks, guys!

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You drive your car in the rain?!:eek:
LOL! Oh **** yes ... I was doing 80-85 MPH through a morning thunderstorm outbreak in central Tennessee, basically praying that I didn't hit hail ...
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