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Porsche 718 Boxster GTS Spy Shots

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Speculated that the Porsche 718 Boxster GTS should be packing 375hp (a bump up from the S model) it should remain with the same transmission. The GTS does come with a special exhaust (rightfully) and will of course have a better suspension setup for some really improved handling characteristics.

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Not as large of an hp boost as I was expecting. The S model has 350 hp so that means the GTS only has a 25hp boost. Still, it'll be more stable when you throw it around those curves. That may be worth the extra cost.
I think the suspension is the main attraction for it. Anything GTS is built around the refined suspension and that's the thing to look forward to. It'll keep well planted, nice and precise, and tight. A little step up in power is always welcome, an extra 15hp in the right part of the rpm band and it can make a world of a noticeable difference ;)
Cornering ability is key and that's what the GTS will do for us. Add to that an engine tune and other mods too up power in the lower end and this will be a very fun toy on the street and track coming out of turns. I just hope the brakes can aid in going hard into turns so we can utilize the ability to come out like a phoenix on that GTS suspension. Wouldn't mind spending a bit extra for aftermarket pads.
I'm sure the GTS will provide a sound braking setup to go with. If you're a real track go-er and you go often, then it may be mindful to up the brake systems anyways. Would definitely have to test drive it around to see what it'll need. I'm sure along with the hp bump, they tuned the power band
Very interested in specs and release date. This could be my next car!

That rear tire looks big and flush.

I'm not sure you are right about hoping for suspension differences. All other Porsche GTS cars are just a collection of standard pieces available from the standard option list but offered at a discount before the model runs out and is face lifted. Yes they do normally have a 7-8 % power increase. They are normally a good purchase.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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