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Porsche Active Safe System

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Will this system detect a deer running across a road at night?
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That's a hard question, even those fully autonomous cars in development may not be able to stop in time if a deer were to jump right in front of your vehicle at night. Maybe it's possible for the Porsche Active Safe System if given enough distance, I wouldn't want to find out the hard way.
I have had my 718 Boxster for 7 months and love everything about it except the engine shutoff feature. Last month I installed the memory module from T-Designand that eliminated the problem. You have to turn it off every time you start the engine if you don’t want it active but now the cutoff and sport buttons stay in the position selected when you last shut off the car. I had a 2014 981base and the 718 is superior to it in every aspect except sound at idle and over 5000 RPM. With the 718 I am very seldom above 4500 RPM because of thetremendous acceleration. I like the sound of the718 better in the mid RPM ranges than the 981. For those of you about to order a 718 with PDK
consider getting ACC. I would never have a car without ACC after having it on our Macan and 718. I engage it almost every time I drive. In stop and go traffic it is fantastic. No more hitting the gas and then slamming on the brakes as traffic quickly slows.It just station keeps about 1 car length from the car ahead of you. When it speed up yours follows, if it comes to a complete stop so does the 718, whentraffic starts moving again just gently tap the accelerator and it follows the car ahead. It takes most of the work out of driving in stop and go traffic. At high speeds it is a safety factor in case you get distracted and will keep you from hitting someone that slows quickly in front of you while you are distracted by something. I enjoyed driving my 981 but the 718 is in a different class and so much more fun to drive.
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Hearing it at idle is what I think got people to have a bad impression of the 718 originally, which lead to them suggesting it sounds like a Subaru, and if you compare the two there are obvious similarities. Fortunately as you get within a certain RPM range it does sound like how a Porsche should.
I would never rely on ACC in heavy traffic. Eyes on the road - Not the phone, not the radio, not the hot girl sitting next to you.

Just because YOU can stop on a dime doesn't mean the car behind you can; you should be prepared to brake-tap to give them a head's up, not just hope they slam on their brakes as soon as your 718 does.
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ACC/PAS isn't 100% fool proof anyway. Keep your eyes on the road at all time!
Very unlikely. They can detect a pedestrian or large animal (some systems better than others) that is standing in front of the car, but coming rapidly from the side - that is one of the weaknesses of current active systems. My understanding is that is an area manufacturers are working on to improve.
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