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Porsche Cayman Sales Up 67% in April!

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Read the full article at the link above.

718 sales up 19.3% YTD
Cayman sales up 67% for April Year/Year
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How do you "look for an allocation"? I have placed an order (MY2019) with my local dealer but he doesn't have an allocation yet. Who gets them (allocations) first? I don't think Porsche has started MY '19's yet anyway so what determines who's going to get first allocations?
That's pretty much what I imagined the process to be. I don't have a feeling for whether there are some dealers that are "more equal" than others but I'm sure there is some pecking order in operation. Unfortunately, my dealer isn't large but it is close(est) and the SA has been very helpful and I do believe I am #1 on the list. Time will tell (unfortunately).

It's interesting that Porsche cut off allocations of MY'18 S variants quite a while back and by your reckoning will limit those in the MY'19 case as well. Not sure I understand their logic there but they didn't ask me. I would have been happy placing an order for a MY '18 had that option been available in December.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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