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Porsche Experience Centre Silverstone - Great Day Out!

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I went to the PEC at Silverstone on Monday with my two sons, I'd bought a Cayenne in addition to my manual 718 BGTS 4.0, so had two places and managed to blag an extra one from my friendly OPC. My lads were out in a 992 Carrera S with PDK and a 718 BGTS 4.0 also with PDK and I was out in a Cayman GTS 4.0 with a manual box, basically the same as my car which is what I wanted so I could explore its limits in a 'safe' environment.

The weather was switching from wet to dry all day which was great as I got to see the car in all conditions. My conclusion is that its an awesome machine and the Michelin PS4S tyres are fantastic, wet or dry. It was amazing what you could do with the car without it hurling you off the road. I tried it in all mode settings, full traction & stability management on, traction off, everything off. With traction off its a hoot, can drift it with sublime balance, with everything off it wants to bite your head off which reminded me of old school muscle cars. But without a doubt the highlight was the engine, its just revs and revs and sounds like it belongs on a race track. Stability under heavy braking was also superb, it can really look after you. So nice to be able to find the limits of your own car without even using your own car!! If you have the chance to go and haven't been yet, don't miss out on it, its a

Also happened to spot a certain nice expensive little new car on the way into the circuit, jeez its tiny!!

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Sounds awesome ! How did you boys find the 992 ?
Nice, but not as tactile as the 718, it was far more forgiving, but not so much fun.
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I meant to add that the two 718's that we were using had 1,200 miles and 150 miles on the clock respectively. They were given a token warming up before we were driving them to their rev limiters, no run in here! I asked what happens to these cars after the PEC, they said that they just go into the dealer network as a one owner used car 😳
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