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Porsche out of WeatherTech IMSA GTLM racing starting 2021

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Heard/read this yesterday. Porsche says economic impact of COVID was the driving force behind the decision. I wonder if it was a unilateral decision or prompted by VAG.
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I watched the IMSA Weathertech race yesterday, from Daytona. The GTLM participation was dismal, 2 Porsches, 2 BMW and 2 Corvettes. With the BoP (Balance of Performance) regulations, which makes a joke of car development and competition, you will end up with an equally divided number of wins, ho hum...

Porsche doesn't have the money to spare in a dying (IMSA/WEC) competition. It is a pity, because WEC in its previous incarnations was what made Porsche the icon it is in our souls.

We might see Porsche again in an EV WEC :eek:, who knows... (They will need to sell Taycans or 911 EV or whatever, right?)...
BoP still allows for car development, and when done right it keeps the races from being one-sided blow-outs. Participation right now is a challenge because of the global financial situation, compounded by travel restrictions and quarantine periods, but I expect as manufacturers find their footing again and the travel restrictions ease we'll see folks returning to the sport.

Porsche is definitely eyeing the new LMDh class, and I'm eager to see how they choose to participate.
Would you pay millions to develop a new idea, when you know that after a couple of wins it gets you, you will be carrying 100 lbs of ballast, to neutralize it?
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The manufacturers all signed up for that across all the IMSA classes, and IMSA has seen significant increases in participation and viewership since then, so it seems to be working out for everyone—as counter-intuitive as that may be.
I am tired of watching one manufacturer running (and 'winning') without competition in DPI. Gone are the days of Ford vs Ferrari vs Porsche in prototype and Group 5...

Well, we will see whether IMSA survives, won't we?
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Surely there's hope that the new IMSA and WEC alignment on top classes will help drive greater manufacturer involvement, not less. I agree though, DPi needs help and LMP2 is a joke. Honestly, some of the best racing I've ever seen has been in GTD.

And, if I am not mistaken, these Lambos and Ferraris in GTD are not factory efforts... They are fun to watch!...
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