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Porsche responds to 4 cylinder in Boxter/Cayman

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Sorry if this was already posted...

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That doesn't mean I wouldn't rock a GTS4.0 or a GT4. I just don't really care how the power is made, give me a bada$$ EV Sports car with the range and charging support of gas stations and I'd be happy.
Maybe EV—but I do like a good sound. I really like uneven beat of the 4 and even with the standard exhaust (not PSE) I think it sounds great at all revs (I grew up with V8s). It might lack a little above 4000-5000 rpm at high throttle but so little of my time is spent there I wouldn't trade it for what I've got. And I definitely wouldn't trade away the low end torque. I even had the exhaust on my Moto Guzzi tuned for torque even though it was quieter than the maximum power tune.
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1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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