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Porsche Scheduled Maintenance and Extended Warranty Plans

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I'm scheduled to take delivery of by 718 GTS in late March - very excited for that and counting the days. Now that I'm getting close, I'm starting to look into pricing and purchase options for both Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plans and Extended Warranty. I didn't purchase either for my current Boxster, but considering it for the new one.

When I've purchased these before for my BMW, I've *never* purchased from the dealer at time of delivery, but instead got the plans added from out-of-state dealers due to the much cheaper pricing. To that end, I called Suncoast Porsche (my go to dealer to parts) and was surprised that they dont sell those plans to out of state customers (I'm in California).

So three questions for the group:
(1) how long after the car purchase can you add either a schedule maintenance plan or extended warranty plan?
(2) have you been able to purchase from out-of-state dealers? (I'd do that to shop around on price)
(3) what have you found on pricing for these plans?

Any help here is appreciated.

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Robert, welcome to our forum.

I know I am not answering your questions, but this was my experience, and I am also in California.

In over 30 years of leasing cars I have never had the pre-paid maintenance plan or extended warranty. The former because the pricing never seemed to work out, and the later because I get rid of my cars after 3 years.

I told my dealer that I was going to pass on the pre-paid maintenance. The SA was the best man at a good friend's wedding, he got me a heck of a deal on my car, and he had earned my trust. He explained to me that because the 718 is turbocharged the price of the standard maintenance has gone up dramatically, though it is partially offset by getting the first service gratis. The standard plan didn't make much sense to me because I thought the monthly add on was pretty high (IIRC it was between $30.00 and $40.00 per month). In the end he cut me a special deal which I just couldn't pass up; I pay $10.00 a month over the term of the lease.

I have a 718C. The pricing structure for service for the GTS may be completely different so my experience may be irrelevant.

Tell us a little about your GTS.
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