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Porsche Sport Exhaust

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I have PSE on my Boxster S and I've noticed something that is unexpected. In Sport or Sport Plus mode, the exhaust is deeper, of course, than when PSE is in off position. What I find unexpected is that in sport mode I get the loud pops, but in sport plus mode, they are either very subdued or non-existent. I still get the deeper exhaust sound in sport plus, but not the pops. Not sure if that's the way is is supposed to be, but I like it because I like the deeper exhaust tone but sometimes do not want the backfiring sound.

Anyone else with PSE notice the same thing (I guess I could read the manual to see if it is explained, but I'm having too much fun driving to read. ) :)
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What the heck, I read the manual.

Pops and gurgles are only active in sport mode, not in sport plus. I guess this is for people who order PSE, don't want the "fireworks", but do want the deeper sound and more aggressive throttle response of sport plus.
What the heck, I read the manual.

Pops and gurgles are only active in sport mode, not in sport plus. I guess this is for people who order PSE, don't want the "fireworks", but do want the deeper sound and more aggressive throttle response of sport plus.
I don't have PSE but I do enjoy the pops and gurgles when it is in Sport mode. Whenever I drive it that seems to be the first button I push.;)
My Porsche rep told me no pops in Sport plus for quicker shifts
Even though I can't remember which car magazine I read it in (I get a great many), I do recall seeing something which concurred with what Filoup has stated. The pops / backfires are purely in sport mode for audio augmentation (artificial if you like). The Sport + setting is a more race orientated / track setting where adding such a thing would not only be a little superfluous but would also slow down the shifts.
I'm not a big fan of the pops and gurgles so i'll probably need to try and keep mine in normal mode to avoid that. That said I would like a deeper tone to the exhaust than what it currently has without it being 'look at me' loud. I have not ordered the PSE and the car arrives at the end of July. Does anyone have any experience with the aftermarket exhausts from Fabspeed or AWE on their 718's. There a couple of videos available, but very hard to make a decision using audio over a computer. The same reason why the exhaust gets criticism from online forums is that most people listen to the exhaust online, in person it's no where as bad as it's made out to be.
Would an aftermarket exhaust make a noticeable difference to the 2.0L without the PSE?
I only decided to buy a 718 - (982) after hearing one fitted with a sports exhaust & rather like the pops & backfires. Much like Gallatin, I predominately drive my car in sport setting. I personally still miss the flat six howls generated by my old 981 & previous 986, but the 718 sound isn't anything like as bad as some journalists would have people believe. Maybe just a little bland & monotone compared to the sheer musicality of the engines that preceded their introduction. To my ears the fitment of the Porsche sports exhaust considerably improves matters & as I've mentioned elsewhere, a couple of my friends have actually expressed a preference for the sound of my current car over that of my previous Porsches. That's the thing, it's all purely subjective opinion & neither of my friends are observing the sound from the same place I am. Neither have owned either a Porsche flat six or one with the new engine, they don't care, they have no emotional ties, they simply like what they hear from my current car. As for those who pass judgement on the 718 without ever having driven one & only having listened on a computer, does anyone actually take these clowns seriously? Many simply jumped on the band wagon & are clearly incapable of forming their own opinions in any case. Make no mistake the 718 (982) is clearly superior to the 981, except perhaps in the engine sound department & even then those that haven't previously owned a Porsche don't necessarily agree. What does surprise me is that anyone considers an aftermarket sports exhaust system rather than Porsches own, but perhaps there are different conditions in the U.S of which I'm unaware. Let me elaborate, in the U.K it's possible to extend the warranty of any Porsche for a period of up to 15 years. It's pretty much a full front to back warranty regarding the actual mechanicals though obviously it doesn't cover consumables & a few other items. The prices are very reasonable & also include vehicle breakdown / recovery services. It's actually such good value that I consider it a complete no brainer & always extend. However you cannot extend the warranty of any Porsche vehicle to which non-genuine Porsche parts are fitted & that means pretty much anything & even extends to something as rudimentary as a non genuine battery. Is it different in other countries?
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I posted this on another thread:

I have the Base Model 718 Boxster with Sport Exhaust. There are three distinct sounds. Normal Mode, Sport Exhaust, and Sport Mode. Sport Mode is the loudest (deeper & most enjoyable) and increases the idle RPM from about 800 to 1000. In my opinion the Sport Exhaust Option is worth the price.
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