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Long time lurker, first time post.. I’m coming out of AR Giulia lease and miss having a coupe – had an ATS-V coupe before the Alfa and loved every second of it.

Considering a 17/18 Cayman PDK – CPO. Hoping to find one under 20k miles on it for under 50K.

  • Is there anything I should be looking out for on the 17 or 18? Based on the board, they seem pretty reliable and know having it CPO helps but any trends in these cars?

  • Just making sure, the CPO goes into effect as the end of the regular warranty ends - correct? For example, some 18s have 20 months left which means I would get 44 months of warranty?

  • Is there anything not covered with the CPO warranty that is covered under the original warranty?

  • Will be putting about 12-15k miles on it per year. I probably will look at buying an extended warranty before the CPO is finished. I know people feel differently about the extended warranty but I’m one that likes to have peace of mind. Do you have to buy the extended before the original warranty ends or before the CPO ends?

  • With the car possibly having 15k miles at purchase and putting another 15k per year, what are the higher end maintenance items required at the 30k, 45k, 60k, 75k mile marks?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stay safe.
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