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power window on passenger side does not work , any suggestion ?

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power window on passenger side does not work , any suggestion ? If I want to check the fuse box , where is it located at ?
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Does it work at all? or just improperly?
Improperly can usually be re-set at home.
The motor seem to be ok , because it works from driver side but does not work only on passenger side.
OK, try this—
1 Using the driver's side switch, run the passenger window all the way down. Release switch.
2 Re-press the switch down and hold for 10 seconds. Release.
3 Repeat 1 & 2 with up.

Check passenger's switch. If it still doesn't work then IMO a faulty switch is likely.

Good luck.
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Just to correct Gregs post above (sorry Greg) don't release the switch and re-press. Keep the switch pressed in the down position for 10 seconds then once fully up, keep it in the up position for 10 seconds. Remember to have the door closed at the time. If that doesn't work, it may be worth taking the doors switch out to see it the connector has come loose. Easily taken out with a trim tool.
No problems. :) The result should be the same.
The one I posted was taught me by the Service Chief at my dealer when he re-set the windows after a battery disconnection.
Good hint about investigating the door switch.

p.s. I've used the same technique to re-set the seat memory positions.
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