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If you had the money...do you do the entire car or just front end and mirrors for clear bra?
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My just arrived 718 is being done complete front end to the door hinge lines, including mirrors and headlights. I had my 2016 and 2014 done half hood and rest the same but over time no matter how careful you could see the line just a bit...…..All these and the new one are very cark colors, Black, Mahogany, Night Blue...….and except for the slight line I mentioned, you could not distinguish covered from uncovered in finish and shine (I always coated the clear with non carnauba treatment.....).
I have used Mother's or Mequiar's Synthetic/Nano on the clear wrap for years with 0 issues. I used Chemical Guys Opti Coat sealant on the balance of the car for brilliant shine and long lasting coverage (I claybar before applying same).
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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