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If you had the money...do you do the entire car or just front end and mirrors for clear bra?
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I have done both full front/rocker panels and backs of the mirrors on my 2018 718 CS (sold), and on my 2019 GT3-RS I did the entire car to include the headlights, and the Illuminated Carbon fiber door sills, and I would recommend full coverage if cost is not a major consideration. On the 2018 CS I had Llumar Ultimate used and applied by the dealership and I regret that decision given the quality of the results X2 (Park Place Porsche). On the 3RS I used Suntek Ultra and had a well regarded private vendor do the work and the results are flawless. I have put 2500 miles on the 3RS and no chips anywhere; looks brand new. In the case of the 718 I did not do the headlights and sustained significant chips after a couple of hundred miles.
Also I prefer Suntek because it has better optical properties than XPEL, i.e. no orange peel effect.
If you use a quality Carnauba (without petroleum)* it should not yellow the PPF but I still avoided using it on the PPF and went with Meguiar's "wax" sealants. Though, I stopped using Carnauba on my 718 painted surfaces because it acted like a dust magnet. Very different result with the Meguiar's sealants' which did not attract dust as quickly.

*Pinnacle Natural Brilliance PIN-310 Signature Series II Carnauba Paste Wax, 8 fl. oz.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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