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Premium Paint Colours

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Has anyone established beyond doubt any quality difference to the hyper expensive premium paints like carmine red (mine), miami blue, etc. I notice that GT silver metallic used to be a premium but now where it belongs in the metallic section. Are these premium solid colours the same paint as the no-cost solid colour options, just at a premium for exclusivity. Seems to me there are more carmine red on the road now than guards red! Be nice to think the paint finish was better, not just the colour difference.
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So there's not more pigment or extra layers or more difficult to apply to carmine red / Miami blue / lava orange, etc vis-à-vis guards red, racing yellow, etc? Always fascinates me that on a £65K+ car, they say you need to pay extra for the bodycare treatment, nano or ceramic technology, etc. Even worse, if I was buying a £150K 911, I'd expect the paintwork to be the best finish available!
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