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Question for those of you with the manual transmission

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I just cracked 8,300 miles on my 2018C, which is my daily driver. It seems to me that there is now quite a bit more lateral movement available when the shifter is in gear than when I first got the car. So, for example, when I am in any gear, the shifter can be moved side-to-side an inch or two each way. I don't recall that the shifter could be moved nearly that much when I first got the car. I plan on bringing it up when I get my 10k service, but I was just curious if others have experienced the same thing.
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I'd say my car, at 1,400 miles, has a similar amount of play as you're describing. I think the length of the lever tends to exaggerate the actual amount of lateral movement below the shift boot. All I know is that I need to pay close attention to keeping the gear lever pulled hard to the left during 1 - 2 shifts to avoid the occaisional grind.
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