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Questions for those experienced with a turbo upgrade in 718 2.0L

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My 718 (982) 2.0L PDK is a daily driver and sees a lot of spirited driving. I’d like to track after some upgrades. I’m very interested in a turbo upgrade and looking at the TTE465.

If you have experience with a turbo upgrade in a 2.0L, can you help answer my questions and provide links to relevant guidance or anything you feel that I need to be aware of?

The 718 already has a BMC air filter, Soul Sport (200 cell) DP and Performance exhaust, Cobb stage1 93 OCT/98 RON. TCM tune is waiting on support for the PDK ROM. Have not Cobb pro-tuned yet since I want to upgrade the turbo. I have a 3rd radiator and side air intake scoops that’s ready to be installed and I plan to upgrade the diverter valve.

  • Will the larger turbo (w/Cobb pro tune) show improvement or worsen throttle response and low end torque?
  • Did you end up needing to upgrade other components that you did not plan for as a result of the turbo upgrade?
  • Were there challenges with the install that I should be aware of?
  • Was a wastegate adjustment needed?
  • Comments on pairing the turbo upgrade with a ninemeister intercooler?
  • What am I forgetting?
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No need for any of that. Just go track it.
Driving is more fun than figuring out fueling ratios.

You're not going to be the fastest out there either way, so more money for tires.
...and brakes.
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