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Rattle off sports exhaust valve

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Has anyone found a cure for this as my car has only done 19000 miles.
This really drives me mad .
Apparently this is a common fault as the valve has wear on it.
Only just had the over heating problem sorted by Porsche after 3 attempts.
Also As I’m on here do I have to use Porsche disc breaks to keep my extended warranty as mine have worn down according to my last health check.
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Yep. Mine is the same but stops once the cats are warm (meow).

Regarding the brake discs, you will need to use official Porsche parts to maintain your warranty however, front discs and pads are easy enough to do at home but the rears can be a PITA as you need to reset the parking brake and need PIWIS or some form of service tool to reset it.

You can have brakes done at an Indie and this 'shouldn't' affect the warranty but best to check with your OPC.
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